WHO are WE?

Founders PageA   She’Matters GIRLS Youth Leadership Group (SMG) is focused on inspiring the lives of today’s youth and teenage girls. Through the development of their literary publication, BeOnique Magazine, the SMGiRLS are learning to present themselves eloquently in every arena. BeOnique means to “Be Your Own Unique!”  and the six young ladies that make -up the BeOnique Magazine Team are growing in so many areas of their lives. During interview set-ups, interviews  and overall verbal presentations, the girls are accomplishing high levels of success. Improvements have been seen charted academically, socially and in areas of written expression among the BeOnique Magazine Team members. We’re looking forward to continued success in this endeavour and other SMG projects! See their growth and talent for yourself, order a BeOnique Magazine today at www.smgis4me.org/beonique-magazine-our-strength/. Thank you for your continued support of all things She’Matters GIRLS! The She’Matters GIRLS Executive Advisory Board

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