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NORFOLK, VA – Veterans, they have given of themselves to protect our way of living and to maintain the safety of our country.  For some, they do their jobs only to return home without the necessary assistance to support themselves and their families. It’s disheartening in knowing the unemployment rate for recent veterans remain incredibly high. According to research, it remains noticeably higher than it is for non-veterans in the same demographical group.  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reports there are 1.8 million women veterans in America.

Diane Murray, retired Chief Yeoman of 21 years knows the importance of taking care of our Veterans but especially our female Vets.  She agrees that no women should be without employment or sufficient housing. Hence is why after her years of service in the military, she is now employed as a Veteran Coordinator for the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC).  “I wanted to help women Veterans who were homeless.”  Murray has worked with VEC for three years.  “VEC can only service Vets with significant barriers. Working here, I am better able to help women and their families find employment and housing.”  Wanting to continue with her mission of outreach, Murray connected with Women Veterans Rock, a coalition of Women Veteran Organizations and Women Advocacy Organizations Supporting Women Veterans & Military Families. The organization focuses on housing, employment, education, financial stability and health and wellness for women.

Murray agrees that Women Vets Rock celebrates the triumphs and proudly assist women veterans with many aspects of their lives in order for them to successfully transition from military service to civilian life.

With women veterans as one of the fastest growing segments of America’s veteran population, an organization such as Women Veterans Rock is a necessary commodity. It is challenging to know anyone who is homeless, yet it’s harder to think of those who have sacrificed so much to return home to their children and not have adequate employment and sufficient housing, Murray commented.  “We appreciate the recognition of She’Matters GIRLS, Inc.”  Murray added when asked what advice she would give to our youth today, “It’s important that (as a young girl) you know who you are regardless of what others say. If you know who you are you are able to pull yourself up and recognize what you’re supposed to do while you’re here. Regardless of your background, they (girls) should know we support them and that the love alone can carry them through.”

Along with issues of health care and homeland security, women Veteran issues are important to our country and to the family of She’Matters GIRLS, Inc. This year, SMG, Inc proudly salutes women vets of Women Veterans Rock.




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