2018 Graduation

The AYLAcademy of Ingleside Elementary are excited to have Symone Davis as out 4th Cohort Graduation Guest Speaker. Stay tune for more information.

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4th ImPOWERful GIRLS Conference, 2016

Are you ready? Ready for another amazing year of engaging, fun-filled, interactive sessions consisting of real talk of real issues? Are you ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you? Well, let’s get ready because it’s time for our 4th Annual ImPOWERful Girls Conference where you can vent your frustrations, laugh out loud, learn  and be informed, teach and share your ideas with your peers and others. Yes, YOU have a voice and we want you to use it to shout enough is enough because You Are More Than Enough!

Stay tune right here for our registration link for this powerful conference just for you, GIRLS and your parents. Special sessions are designed just for young ladies ages 6-22 and their Parents.

Stay tune, registration Link coming soon!

Mother-Daughter Chat: Raising A Powerful Girls Series 2016

The Mother-Daughter Chat works to promote greater communication and stronger relationships between the Mother and daughter dyad. Effective communication, speaking the same language is essential.  For some Moms, it’s either we’re best friends or worst enemies with our daughters. Sometimes, there’s just no in between. And if there is, then it doesn’t last long especially as they mature through the high school years.

The Mother-Daughter Chat will provide strategies to help Mothers and their daughters communicate in sync; using the same language. As Mothers, we don’t always realize that the issues we deal with create the barriers in helping us better bond with our daughters. As daughters, we don’t always understand your reasons WHY you as Moms, do what you do! In this forum, all of those issues and challenges will be addressed. So join us for this year’s Chat and develop a stronger bond with her daughter. If your bond is strong as it is,then join us to make it better!  Without a doubt, mother and daughter relationships can be the most intense of all relationships; joining us for this epic event will allow you to develop new strategies, share your stories, help a fellow Mom and allow your daughter to do the same, all while the two of you learn to build a greater bond!

Tentative Session Dates:
1 – April 9, 2016
2 – April 23, 2016 and
3 –  May 7, 2016
Culminating – May 21, 2016   * All Sessions will occur on Saturday from 10 am – 1 pm
Lunch and light refreshments served along with door prizes, raffles and other give a ways.    LOCATION: TBA

Session Topics: A few of the Session topics will include –
Positive Discipline | Enhancing Self-Esteem | How to Bully proof My Child | Money Management & Budgeting | The Elements of Time | Fashion Forward | Winning the Social Media Battle | Business Development 101 | Praise vs Punishment

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