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Signature Program Initiatives

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.                                               —-    John Quincy Adams

Heart Association.Total ME Ini
American Heart Association

SMG, Inc’s mission is to inspire, uplift and positively empower the lives of girls and young women ages 10-19 years old through education, awareness and community involvement. G.I.R.L.S. is an acronym that means Girls who Inspire and Refine Limitless Standards in their lives, families, schools and communities. Since starting in 2012, SMG, Inc. has clearly distinguished itself as an organization that empowers girls and young women to become leaders and promoters of improving their self-worth, developing leadership skills and engaging in civic responsibilities through public service involvement. Our organization is designed to build confident leaders and our programs are developed with our Signature Program Initiatives in mind.


  • Educational Initiatives – This initiative was created out of the urgent desire to teach, model and communicate life’s realities to our girls. Taking actions to address early ills of every kind, i.e., academic failure, low self-esteem, social pressures and the overall feelings to measure up to others in some way.  This initiative allows the connection of professionals and specialist from the community to facilitate through trainings and conferences information that will enrich and enhance the lives of our girls.  Our 1st literary publication, BeOnique Magazine,  was created with the assistance of community journalist and freelance writers. Our main goal for this initiative is to make sure our girls and young woman are prepared for full participation as confident leaders in the 21st Century.


  •  The Total ME Initiatives – This initiative teaches our girls the importance of feeling comfortable about their bodies and giving them the tools to speak openly and honestly with their physicians during medical check-ups and exams. Furthermore, our girls participate in trainings and health fairs that teach the risk and preventative methods of diseases and overall development of a healthier lifestyle.
Relay for Life.4Website
Relay for Life Activities

        Within this initiative, She’Matters GIRLS support 1. Breast Cancer Awareness through participating in Relay for Life activities, and 2. American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign, teaching that heart disease is the #1 killer among women.

Aspiring Young Leaders Academy I

Leadership Initiatives – The mission of this initiative is designed to edify our girls who are interested in learning more about the career fields of science, technology engineering and math (STEM). This dual signature program impacts the lives of our girls in two categories. Academy I works with our girls’ grades 1-6 with trainings designed to strengthen self-awareness, reinforce STEM exploration and character building. Community connections for our girls in this Academy are in house and provided by professionals in these careers.  Academy II focuses on girls in grades 7-12. Overall, girls who participate in these academies explore the career paths of these fields to provide further exposure and education in the STEM career field.


  •  Industry & Service Initiatives – This initiative is structured in two parts. The first focuses on career exploration, money management and trade development. One of the biggest issues is that our girls do not know enough about money management and finances; causing them to be unprepared to appropriately handle their finances. As a part of this initiative, we work with our girls to introduce the basics of money management, savings and budgeting as it relates to managing a budget for independent living. In addition to money management and budgeting, we also work with our girls in helping them identify their interests and to explore a profession that’s fulfilling to them based on what they enjoy doing. As they recognize their interests, we help them to become familiar with skill development in this area.
  • Veterans Day.Service & Industry Ini

    Service & Industry Initiative – Veteran’s Day Breakfast

The second half of this initiative is the focus on our Military.  This is extremely relevant to our area because of our large military population. Through community engagement the girls learn the significance of employment with the merchant marines and armed forces as well as understand the sacrifices of a military service provider. Yearly, is our Veteran’s Day Breakfast in November to recognize veterans and acknowledge their bravery in service for our country.  During this breakfast, we recognize a specific group of Veterans (ie., Disabled Veterans) or an entity working to support and or hire Veterans. Last year, She’Matters GIRLS, Inc recognized the Veterans Affairs Military Programs of Bryant and Stratton College.

All of our programs are centered on our Signature Program Initiatives. Join us in our interactive and engaging fun filled trainings and conferences. For questions, contact us at info@smgis4me.org


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